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Kev has been superb. I wanted to try personal training as I've always suffered from injuries and found it difficult getting into a routine. The plan I started with Kev involved a lot of mobility work to help improve with my technique during exercises and prevent further injuries. After 4 weeks I have not felt any back or knee pain and my strength has greatly improved. I couldn't recommend a better trainer than Kev.”

Alex (client)

Kev likes to be personal; he gets to know you and he caters for your level and goals. He is a friendly face that makes it all the easier to go to the gym. Kev is committed to developing his own skills and broadening his knowledge base. This shows in the variety of classes and styles of personal training he can do; weights, circuits, spinning, box fit, TRX, stretching, yoga, relaxation, meditation, nutrition and more! And he knows how to mix things up if you find it too repetitive.

Kev’s interests are so much more than just fitness. He can provide tips on your whole daily routine to help improve your health and wellness; from how to get more sleep to how to improve your mood.

Kev has been a huge source of motivation for me over the past year, he has encourage me to try out new classes and taught me so much about fitness and nutrition. This has had such a positive impact on my health, fitness, wellbeing and body confidence since I began my lifestyle change.”

Amanda Gray (client)


You never seem to have an off day, or if you do you don’t show it. Your enthusiasm encourages and inspires others.



You help people towards their goals, big or small. You don’t judge or criticise. You offer advice and support without pushing an agenda and you’re guided by what the client needs.



You explain the correct form to the client and don’t mind repeating things to make sure they get it. If one exercise isn’t suitable you are aware of alternatives that will achieve the same outcome. If a client has an injury you know what to do about it.



You are easy to talk to and non-threatening. I mean that in a nice way! Sometimes it can be intimidating to talk to trainers at the gym because it feels like your concerns will be trivial to them. I feel that I can ask you anything and you won’t think of it as trivial or irrelevant. You will always take the time to answer my questions and explain why we’re doing things in a certain way."


Margaret (client)

Kev is a great personal trainer the sessions are always different so it keeps it fun! Very friendly and doesn't push you past your limits.”

Jenny (client)

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