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"Kev was fantastic!!! Very open and honest about the mental health challenges he has overcome. So great and refreshing to hear someone speak so openly about something so personal with the intention to help others. 

Would highly recommend Kev to deliver a talk to anyone! "

- Clare Hallmey, Oracle 

Kev has delivered mental health talks to international companies, including one based in Australia. He's also presented his talks to more local businesses, universities and colleges. 

No matter what your place of work or place of study is, Kev is open to ideas around delivering formal talks and informal group discussions about mental health. 

After experiencing a lot of problems in his child hood and his teens, Kev is now a successful business man who practices many forms of therapy.

Kev now has many tools which enable him to help other people who suffer from a mental health condition, and even though not yet qualified as a mental health therapist, he is looking to take the next step in this field and becoming a qualified counsellor – enabling him to do even more for mental health.

He is now also becoming a mental health campaigner, raising money through charity events for mental health.

Interested in Kev coming to your place of work or study to deliver a mental health talk? Then contact Kev TODAY!

Prices to be discussed.


"It was so good to have Kev deliver a great talk about his personal experience with mental health. It was priceless as it had such an amazing impact on so many of our staff and opened up so many great conversations about mental health - just brilliant."

- Corey Adams, Accenture 

We work in the construction industry and the suicide rate in our industry is dangerously high. 

Having Kev come in and deliver such a personal talk was incredible as he shows as a man it’s totally fine to talk about your mental health. 

We’re certainly going to have Kev in again. 

- Kathy Matthews, UCEM

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