Who knew an office job could be so healthy!

One of the biggest trends right now in the health & fitness industry as well as the corporate world is 'corporate wellbeing'.

What does this actually mean though?

Well simply put, it's the company you work for trying to improve your general health.

Why do companies do this?

The straight forward answer is they want to make sure your overall health is good, so you take less days off work, you increase your productivity, and you're less likely to look elsewhere for work!

Where people like me come in...

I love working in the corporate field and have done for over 2 years now.

I really enjoy helping people cope mentally and physically with their jobs and help create a work - life balance for people.

How I do this...

Whilst firstly working for a health and fitness company called Nuffield Health and more recently the company which I am the founder of: Move Mind & Body.

I have offered businesses relaxation classes which have now turned into yoga classes with a mindfulness twist.

I have also offered personal training where I've tackled injury rehab for my clients, and I've also offered outdoor fitness classes allowing people to get fit whilst getting some fresh air away from their desks.

I have loved every minute of providing these services and I have seen such amazing results in people.

I really feel I've been an important part of people's weekly routines by delivering results to help not only with the 'life' part of their work - life balance but also their 'work' side. The services I offer can really improve people's work productivity as well as reducing sick days and work stress. Giving them a holistic backing and support to their overall lives.

Here are a few of the benefits I've seen:

  • Lower stress levels leading to lower blood pressure and resting heart rates which lowers the risk of developing serious health problems.

  • Tools to combat anxiety both in and outside of work lowering the chances of suffering from a mental health condition.

  • Helping people become much more 'grounded' and giving them confidence within themselves to handle any situation effectively.

  • Lowering the rate of sickness days e.g. flu, colds etc.

  • Increasing people's work productivity by helping them think more clearly when they go back to their desks.

  • Creating more of a social feel about the office giving people a positive common point of interest.

If you work in a corporate setting and think the people in your office would benefit from this offering, then contact me today!

I cover the Berkshire area

offering personal training, one to one and group yoga classes, I cover injury rehab, and I also provide both indoor and outdoor fitness classes.

The main areas I work in are Theale, Tilehurst, Pangbourne, Calcot, Bracknell, and Winnersh.



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