Between Sessions

It's time for your next PT session or fitness class, and you're feeling the same as you always feel when it comes to this time each week; you're tired and just not feeling as strong and fit as you feel you think you should be.

Why is this?

You've made the big decision to start improving your health and achieve your fitness goal but why are you still not really feeling it?

Well the biggest thing you need to motivate yourself to do is focus on what you do between sessions.

It's not just good enough to do the actual sessions, you also need to make yourself keep things going between sessions - this is vitally important.

Think of it this way; if you want to feel good after your fitness session and feel that sense of achievement then you may not need to exercise between sessions to get this feeling.

Although if you do exercise between sessions then the absolute minimum you'll achieve during your sessions is this sense of achievement, but you'll also feel much fitter, stronger, and happier in each session which will then mean you'll make great strides towards your goals and you'll achieve so much more than the bare minimum.

Don't just go through the motions, build yourself up before sessions and then hit the ground running rather than crawling.

If you would like to know how you can achieve this then contact me TODAY and start thinking more about HOW you workout rather than WHY you workout.

I offer personal training which includes weight loss, muscle definition, strength training, flexibility, injury rehab & general fitness.

I offer one to one and group yoga sessions, plus one to one or group mindfulness sessions to help you learn to feel relaxed and in control.

I also offer various fun & friendly fitness classes both indoors and outdoors if you would like to join others in the same situation as you.

I cover the majority of Berkshire including: Reading, Theale, Bracknell, Tilehurst, Pangbourne, and Calcot.

Kev Waite

Holistic Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher

Move Mind & Body


Facebook: Move Mind & Body - Kev Waite

Instagram: move_mind_and_body

Twitter: @kevinMMAB

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