Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

After working in stuffy sweaty gyms for years, I always wished I could just take my clients outdoors in the fresh air and get away from all the anxieties attached to being in the gym.

A recent study by the University of Essex showed that being outdoors for just 5 minutes can drastically improve your mood and energy levels. Their studies also show that both low and high intensity outdoor workouts, have the same effect on your mood and energy level.

A study by American scientists Ryan et al (2010) also found that 90% of the people in the study had improved energy & mood, and experienced lower levels of tension, anxiety, depression, anger and confusion when exercising outdoors.

To me, these studies just back up how I've felt about exercising outdoors for a long time.

All my work during the spring and summer months is spent outdoors, and just a quarter of my work is moved indoors during the winter and autumn months.

If I compare the way I view Health & Fitness now to when I worked in gyms, there is a massive difference and i'm now much more motivated to help my clients achieve their goals.

The clientele I now work with is different; people are much more relaxed about achieving their goals when being outdoors.

This doesn't mean they're any less motivated, it actually means they become much more realistic which in-turn actually motivates them in a much more positive way. This way you can enjoy the results step by step instead of feeling over anxious & overwhelmed. Not wanting just a quick fix so you can fit in with the rest of the so called gym royalty, who spend more time on their phones and looking in the mirrors then they do actually working out!

I'm all about encouraging my clients to focus on themselves and set small achievable goals step by step, and being outdoors really helps create this kind of environment for my clients.

There are huge benefits to group classes outdoors too, people in these classes tend to be much friendlier and there is a real feeling of helping each other achieve individual goals.

The main issue for people is the weather, but once you realise that 5 minutes into the session you've warmed up then the weather becomes a much smaller issue. The only time sessions are moved is if it's really heavy rain or snow and this doesn't happen as often as you would think!

If you're fed up of the gym and would like to try training outdoors either on a one to one basis or in a group then contact me TODAY and start changing the way you view your exercise.

I offer one to one and group personal training where I can cover weight loss, muscle definition, strength training, general fitness & energy training, and also injury rehab.

I also offer outdoor fitness classes where you can achieve all the above but in a group setting.

I'm a fully qualified Yoga Teacher and also offer outdoor yoga sessions either one to one or group.

I cover the whole of Berkshire including: Tilehurst, Theale, Pangbourne, Calcot, Reading, Bracknell, Winnersh & Winnersh Triangle, and Wokingham.

Get in touch TODAY and start feeling good about your workouts.

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