January blues & realistic goals

Feeling flat, unmotivated or just tired from the festive season?

If you are then that's totally normal and a feeling a lot of people share at this time of year.

So how do we 'snap out of it'?

Well, diet is a big deal at this time of year; we go from overindulging on unhealthy food during the festive period to then feeling the January blues... you are what you eat.

Although the thought of starting a diet and also all of a sudden smashing yourself with a fitness plan can feel really overwhelming, (especially at this time of year as you're going from one extreme in December to another in January).

This can sometimes work for people, but for the majority of clients I've worked with, I would say working to extremes like this is always unrealistic and unsustainable.

Small positive steps are key, ones that give you a gradual change. Gradual change is almost always the best way to achieve your goals.

So keep your goals realistic and choose one or two new things per week, and just focus on those week by week and build it up month by month.

If you're a member of Move Mind & Body and attend one of our services then you're entitled to free monthly consultations, where we can discuss on a one to one basis how you're doing in general and look at each area of your life and see what small realistic goals you can set.

Contact me TODAY and get yourself organised and on track, and begin the year the way you mean to go on.

I offer a range of services including personal training which includes weight loss, muscle definition, strength training, flexibility, injury rehab & general fitness.

One to one and group yoga sessions or mindfulness sessions will help you learn to feel relaxed and in control.

If one to one sessions do not fit your goals I also run various fun & friendly fitness classes both indoors and out if you would like to join others in the same situation as you.

I cover the majority of Berkshire including: Reading, Theale, Bracknell, Tilehurst, Pangbourne, and Calcot.

Kev Waite

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