Taking Back Control of YOU

In these uncertain times we now live in, how is it making you feel??? I'm guessing you're not feeling all too good about it all. Whether it be anxiety about terrorism, politics, money, your health; it can all make you feel pretty damn crap. So what can you control? You can control your behaviour towards these anxieties and maybe try and do your best to control what's going on in your world. Maybe make decisions that suit you and what you feel is right at that very second. Either way, taking control of your life is obviously a positive thing, but... what happens when you lose control??? When you feel exhausted of trying to keep tabs of everything, and you just want to let go - just for a little bit. This is where the right decisions MUST be made. ... So you're at breaking point, you just want to disappear from everything, what do you do; do you resort to that WHOLE bottle of wine that's staring at you every time you open the fridge? That chocolate in the cupboard SCREAMING!!!!!!! your name every time you walk into the kitchen? By now it's too late, you're sat drinking the wine, eating the chocolate and watching some rubbish on the tv. Now as much as that all sounds appealing, you've got to make some healthier choices BEFORE you get to that stage. So what healthy choices could you make? There's hundreds of healthy nutritional choices you can make but away from nutrition, what behavioural changes can you make so that when you get to that point of letting go, you don't reach out for Mrs. Chardonnay and/or Mr. Cadbury? There's lots of positive behavioural changes you can make, but I want you to just think of this one... One very small word with a MASSIVE impact. Ready for it? ...YOGAAAAAA! Stop thinking you can't do yoga because you've got a niggle in your back or you've got a dodgy knee. Or you can't do yoga because you don't like all the mumbo-jumbo that comes with it, with all the humming etc. ANYONE CAN DO YOGA, and you can adapt it to suit you. Now I live with a mental health condition - bipolar disorder. I generally have more days where I want to escape everything and do something unhealthy than I do wanting to make the right decisions... It's just the nature of the beast. BUT, I have now programmed myself to just do 5, 10 or 20mins of basic yoga focusing on taking it niiiiiiiiiccee aaaanndd ssslllllow, focusing on slowing my breathing right down and just releasing whatever tension I have built up in me that can just be DUMPED... and the benefits have been great!!! Not only it allows me to take control of my bipolar, but it also allows me to just let go of everything for just a little while, learn how to breath gently and calmly again... Before going back to the chaos that we live in. Make the right choices TODAY and stop letting yourself down with negative and unhealthy decisions - because there's no natural 100% full release with ANYTHING man-made. If you would like to find out how to learn some basic yoga to ease the pressure, then simply contact me today on 07784600360, or email: kevin@movemindandbody.co.uk

I can help you to start making healthier decisions and allow you to feel in control of your world again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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