Risking your time and money on a personal trainer

The idea of going out there and searching for a personal trainer may seem daunting and very much a risk.

You may have an idea in your mind of that perfect personal trainer that is going to turn you into whatever you desire at the click of their fingers... So How do you go about finding this “perfect person”?

First of all you need to remembe that beginning any kind of relationship with a stranger involes A LOT of risk.

You need to keep in mind that this is going to be something you need to take ownership for yourself, because a good personal trainer will guide you with consistency and point you in the right directions. This then builds the vital ingredient, trust.

That PT will then over time become perfect for you.

When you start your search, keep these things in mind.

Remember what I said in my previous blog, about not judging someone by their appearance alone... Yes your personal trainer needs to be physically fit, but they don’t need to look like they should be on stage flexing.

Now, you’ve found who you think would be the right personal trainer for you, but now you have to begin the most important stage – talking to them!

I would always recommend talking face to face instead of making your final judgement by a phone call or a text message.

Focus on their body language... Is their body open towards yours? Are they mirroring your stance? Are they keeping eye contact?

...If they’re not doing any of this then politely end the conversation and immediately look elsewhere.

But if they are doing these things then see if they’re giving you the added bonus of using your name!

If you get the feeling you’re wasting their time, then again just walk away.

Now it's time to test them on their knowledge/experience and see if it suits what's important to you. Focus on whether they're explaining this in a way that you understand.

If what they've said and how they've said it hasn't put you off, then go ahead and book a taster session with them and see if they mean what they've said.

Then go away, think about it, even sleep on it before making your decision.

You may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned listening to word of mouth.

I have done this because sometimes word of mouth can be quite dangerous...

On the plus side you may get a recommendation from someone you trust saying a certain personal trainer would be great for you because it's worked for them.

The danger with this though, is that what might seem great to someone else, might seem quite ordinary to you.

Remember that finding a personal trainer who you will be willing to risk not only your money, but also your trust on, MUST seem like the right choice to you – no one else.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps.

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