Don’t waste your money on bad personal training

There are so many personal trainers out there, in fact there are thousands in the UK. This worldwide business attracts all types of people, who all share a common interest – Health & Fitness.

In my time in the industry I have come across a handful of generalisations about “types” of personal trainer, you can almost pigeon-hole the individual into a style and type. But you must be careful not to judge someone on their appearance alone.

There are those which look atheistically good, and seem to fit the “personal training brand”, but these types seem to use every client as a way of commanding the respect they crave to mask their own insecurities. These types of personal trainers are extremely common in the fitness industry. For example, you will be giving your maximum to a certain exercise, but this PT will either be catching a glimpse of themselves in the mirror, clock watching or talking to other members. Whilst all you are looking for is feedback on the exercise that you have just tried so hard to complete. Your PT should be giving you their full attention in every session you have with them, so be careful not to pick a personal trainer based solely on their physical appearance.

There are also the personal trainers who soak up an enormous amount of knowledge, and use every opportunity to bombard their clients with science that is not relevant to their progress but is instead more suited to themselves. Baffling the client with information overload. These personal trainers are on a constant quest to prove to everyone how clever they are, and this blinds them from the biggest fundamentally important thing in this business – the client.

These are just two out of so many more “types” out there. This may all seem quite negative, and make you think twice about trying to find a personal trainer perfect for you, but I think it’s important to talk frankly and honestly about the types of people you run the risk of wasting your hard earned money on.

There isn’t that ready-made personal trainer out there for you right this minute. No matter how much you’re told there is. The best personal trainers will learn every step of the way from you and your body and be 100% dedicated to building a relationship based on learning but also trust. This journey of discovery will then eventually make them the right personal trainer for you.

You now need to take the risk and find the right PT for you, how do you do this?

In my next blog I will talk about how I think you could go about doing this.

Have a great week.

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