It's that time of year again!!!

It's that time of year again, where the pressure to get fit and healthy is massive. Of course you want to be fit and well, it's the very basic, fundamental and most important thing to be - we all know this.

So why is it sometimes so difficult to achieve? Think to yourself how many times you've tried to get fit, and now think of how many times you have crashed and burned.

Why is this do you think?

I see this happening all the time, good people trying so hard to get fit but then giving up after even just a week. Surely this is a product of the society we live in, where nearly everything has become about getting a 'quick hit' and if that doesn't work then we give up and move onto the next 'fad' that promises us instant results.

If the human race had begun this way then would we be here now?

We as human beings are incredible things, and we evolved into the strongest breed on this planet.

We've done this through thousands of years of perseverance, not just giving up at the first hurdle when something doesn't work straight away. We've kept going and found a way to survive.

To me, getting fit and healthy is the minimum we should be doing to continue to survive every day, but I do understand the pressures people face....

We have the aesthetical pressures of continuously trying to be what we see in adverts or in the glossy magazines, or the people you may find in the gym the first time you go.

We have the pressure of work, which for most people takes up the majority of their time, this is then linked to the pressure of being able to pay the bills and the desire for a good standard of living.

There are many other pressures, and then to top it all off you're being told all the time to GET FIT! or BE HEALTHY!

In my opinion, the quest to become healthy or fit is a gradual process that is built up over a period of time.

It MUST be sustainable and be a lifestyle choice, not a fad that you pick up and then drop once it's lost it's appeal.

It must be a maintainable lifestyle that is tailored to suit you and only you.

Remember, what is good for that person next to you in the gym, may not be good for you.

You have to discover what works for you and your body and not get caught up in a one size fits all money making campaign that promises the world in a day.

This takes time, but you have to enjoy the time it takes and enjoy all the small steps you make along the way, as this builds confidence and let's face it we all want confidence - it's a sexy cool thing to have!

You can just simply start with making a conscious decision to walk more each day, or learn to relax a bit more, or even maybe try eating a few more vegetables! Do it your way and do what suits you.

The most successful clients I have worked with have build it all up slowly and have listened to both their minds & their bodies every step of the way.

So, don't feel pressured into doing anything you don't want to do, do what makes you feel good and happy. Take it slow, look at all aspects of your life and just try and think a bit more each day about what you can do to be that bit more fit & healthy.

Do this for your family, your friends, and most importantly do it for you.

Have a Happy 2016.

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