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Who am I?

Apart from being a personal trainer, I have many other passions.


 I have been lucky enough to travel to some incredible parts of the world and learn from many other interesting cultures.  From these experiences I have developed a deep belief in meditation and other relaxation techniques which have helped me with my own mental health.  

I am a very keen artist with a degree in fine art and have had exhibitions of my work.


I experienced yoga for the first time during my travels, and after the class I felt like I was floating down the street on our return to our lodgings.  I now try to practice yoga every day whether it be a quick ten minutes or a good thirty minute session.  


My long passion with fitness stems from being very active and playing football to a good standard when I was younger.  I now enjoy running, spinning, boxing and weight training, in addition to my yoga and meditation, giving me an holistic perspective on health and fitness.


 My other interests include seeing live music and live stand up comedy.


Words used to describe me by my clients

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